All the Benefits of best creatine supplements

best creatine productCreatine is a product that is becoming very popular in the fitness community. It is a supplement that provides energy that will help to increase muscle size as well as increase your strength. There are several benefits of this product and many people are adding it to their fitness regime. Those who want to experience these benefits should make sure to choose best creatine in order to avoid any complications, only high quality products deliver good results.

Creatine is naturally produced by the body – it travels to muscles through the blood stream to provide short bursts of energy when needed. People begin taking creatine because their bodies are not producing sufficient amounts – they want more bursts of energy. Creatine provides energy bursts because it replenishes the body’s ATP levels. ATP is a natural substance within the body that allows for muscle contractions.

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More Intense Workout

Creatine provides the body with bursts of energy that allow for longer workouts. This supplement also works to prevent the muscles from becoming fatigued – it prevents you from getting tired. If the muscles are not getting tired it is easy to understand that you will be able to lift more weights, do more repetitions and workout for longer periods of time. This supplement also provides energy by replenishing ATP reserves. Therefore, by preventing fatigue as well as producing energy the supplement allows for more intense workouts for longer periods of creatine

Faster Recovery

Creatine speeds up the recovery process of damaged muscles. Taking this supplement after an intense workout prevents and repairs muscle damage such as tears and sprains. Creatine also takes away the feeling of muscle soreness after intense workouts because it quickly acts to reduce swelling and damage.

Muscle Growth

Creatine effects muscle growth in two ways. First of all, it causes the body to retain water, which creates the appearance of bigger muscles. Secondly, it increases the actual size of the muscle over time because it improves your strength which allows you to lift heavier weights as well as increases your energy which allows you to workout longer. These two factors will result in larger muscles because you are working out more often and with more strength.

A Better Athlete

Creatine use can result in better athletic abilities and improved performance. The reason for this is because it provides short bursts of energy which are useful in high intensity sports like sprinting. Creatine causes you to have a more powerful sprint which not only makes you faster than your opponent, it also makes you faster for a longer period of time which gives you an advantage.   

Good Health

Creatine has also been found to improve overall health and it is not only useful to athletes and people who are very active. This supplement has been found to improve;

  • Brain functioning because it prevents the brain from degenerating when someone is suffering from a neurological disorder – creatine protects the brain.
  • Heals bones – creatine use heals bone fractures faster, as well as prevents bone diseases such as osteoporosis.
  • Prevents muscle loss in old age because it enhances the release of proteins which are the building blocks of the muscles.

Losing weight What works in opinion of Ahmed.H. 

Nowadays, calorie count is becoming obsessive. You see it everywhere from food labels to some restaurants’ menus. Is really reducing calories is the only way to lose weight?

To answer this question let’s see what type of weight we want to lose, it is fat of course and there is one fact about fat, when you are reducing calories, your body tends to accumulate more fat! Especially in the trunk area.

This simply means that the more you starve the more fats you will get except in one case when you reaches complete starvation as in hunger strike. In this case, the body burns fat to save its life.

Another thing to consider is the muscle strength, after a long diet, muscles weakened and its lean percentage decreases as it burnt to make energy for the body during diet period.

Those muscles are the most important key in fat burning therefore I have to keep them in a good state to burn more fat.

From this point we can count calories in the way that keep muscles good and to maintain constant weight loss.

We will start counting calories from the food keeping muscles strong, which is protein.

Protein helps in losing weight in many different ways such as:

  • It raises metabolism rate by 10% directly after digestion.
  • It maintains intestine normal functions (intestine consumes 20% of body energy)
  • With high protein diet, body tends to make more muscles than fat accumulation.
  • It provides amino acids needed for different body functions.


Body needs about 1.6-2.5 g protein/ kg body weight according to state of exercising. For 100 Kg body with heavy exercising it needs 250 gm protein, which equals approximately 750 gm of chicken breasts and 986 calories from protein and 244 calories from fat.

This protein calorie count is not for negotiation as it is necessary to maintain muscle mass essential for fat burning.

Here is a surprise for you, protein calories are only one third of your calories needed for a balanced body. The other two thirds are coming from fats and carbohydrates.

Therefore, in the previous example, the calorie count for 100 Kg body is 2958 calories divided as the following:

  • 986 calories derived from protein
  • 986 calories derived from fats
  • 986 calories derived from carbohydrates

Therefore, when you reading a food label, sort calories coming from fat and minus it from the total calories of the product.

However, what about 1000 calories diets?

Most of these diets make fast results in the beginning may reach 2-3 Kgs per week. After 2 weeks, losing weight gets down to about half Kg per week. After that you may struggle a whole week for 100 grams!

Counting calories for protein first as a priority gives your body a consistent weight loss with keeping muscles in a strong state.

Protein shakes are of great help as they provide protein with low calories count. Always search for protein powders of whey and casein protein, as they are low in calories in proportion to soy and hemp protein powders.




How to Make a Protein Shake for Women

Learn making protein shakes for women

protein shakes for women recipeEverybody has his own body requirements; some need excess amount of carbohydrates, some need fats while other needs proteins depending upon their needs and body requirements. Protein-shakes are generally taken by those who do strenuous exercise and want their muscles to become stronger and more prominent. If we look around in the market, we can fin variety of protein supplements and powders, all claiming to be the best one in the market. But it’s not like that. Such products contain injurious preservatives and chemicals which can badly affect a human body; plus most of the time such products lack in other basic nutrients required by our body. So, wouldn’t it be better to try a homemade protein shake? If you decide to buy some of them before doing your homemade, then have a look on proteinshakesforwomenworld. Wouldn’t you like to try somewhat energetic and more beneficial protein shakes instead of the injurious company products? Let’s do it then. Here is one of the simplest homemade protein shake recipe made up of natural fresh food items without the presence of any preservatives or chemicals.

Homemade protein shake recipe:

Following ingredients would be required for the recipe:

  • Milk: 2 cups
  • Mango/Peach/Banana or any other fruit of your choice: 1 each
  • A quarter cup of fresh dates which would act as natural sweeteners in the drink
  • A quarter cup of blend almonds or pumpkin seeds (depending upon your liking and preference)
  • Spinach: 1 cup
  • Cinnamon: 1/4th of a teaspoon
  • Vanilla extract: ½ of a teaspoon which would make it some extra tasty

Instructions:good protein shake for women

First of all blend pumpkin or almond seeds together with milk for about 2-3 minutes. One thing which needs to be mention here is that you can skip spinach from the recipe if you want. It’s up to you. Spinach adds about 2 grams of protein to the shake composition. After this, you can add fruits and other leftover foods to the blender and keep blending it for 4-6 minutes until a smoothie is formed. Whole this workout would hardly take 15-30 minutes at most, and here would be your best protein shake. Drink it yourself and you can serve the guests as well. This natural highly concentrated protein shake would give almost 25 grams of proteins and 700 kcal energy per day. It is free of any kind of bad cholesterol or salt. Besides proteins and fibers, it also helps in giving your body some useful amount of vitamins in the form of vitamin A and calcium as well.

Useful tips:

  • You can always choose fruits of your own choice but before that you must check its proteins composition and calories output.
  • If you shake is too much thick, you can always add some water to make it thin so that it can be drinkable.
  • You can always keep it in refrigerator for cooling purpose if you want.

Beneficial aspects of homemade protein shake recipe:

  • It doesn’t take too much time.
  • It doesn’t contain any harmful preservatives and chemicals.
  • You can always change the fruits ingredients according to your choice.
  • It is highly beneficial for your overall health by giving you more energy and making you stronger.

Rather opting for processed and unhealthy protein powders and supplements, it is recommended to try a pure, natural and somewhat healthier shake recipe by making it yourself at home. It would not only save your time but also enough amount of money. You may also enjoy eating something different than a shake, why not try a no bake protein bars here ?

What you need to know when starting a weight loss regime

Starving yourself is not a diet as it lowers your metabolism and assists your body to gain weight. You don’t need to take weight loss pills if you understand your basic body needs, nutrition and right diet practice. There are some correct ways you need to know when starting a weight loss regime.

Right assessment:

Some people want to lose weight not because of their overweight or obesity but because they want to be skinny as media demands them to be skinny. Some people have a negative image and views of their body so they want to be skinny. But being skinny is not healthy as lack of nutrition and lack of healthy body weight leads you more prone to illness.

If you actually want to start a weight loss regime then only your craze for weight loss is not enough, you need a proper assessment of your available food, your lifestyle, your body statistics and your hereditary factors.

  • Motivate yourself by proper assessment of your body weight that you actually need to lose weight as your current weight does not please you.
  • Prepare yourself to lose weight and stick to it as it requires many sacrifices.
  • Convince yourself, stay positive as it will not give you quick results.
  • Fight against your urge for food
  • Use a diet diary for your weight loss plan and see your progress into it as it’s a slow process and you are not going to have dramatic changes.

Right diet:           

You need to know proper nutritional information like which food is in rich with which nutrition. So the choice of a proper diet is key to your weight loss. Right diet with the right nutrients at the right time will give you your required results.

Low fat:

Food rich in fats is the main reason for your obesity so take a diet low in fats. Avoid eating junk food and fast food as these are rich in fats. Instead eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Low carbohydrates:

Take a diet containing low fats as carbohydrate stores in the body in the form of fat.

More proteins:

Eat food rich in proteins as protein has more energy, less calories and it burns your fat.

Fewer calories:

Cut more calories by consuming fewer calories to burn your fat as when you consume fewer calories your body buns your fat stores for energy.

Less sugar:

Avoid food extra sugar as it is rich in calories and also avoid artificial sweetener as it increases your body demand for more sugar and more calories.


  • Say ‘good bye’ to your sedentary lifestyle and do regular exercise to burn your fat and calories.
  • Do regular exercise to strengthen your muscle, to lose fats and to reshape your body.
  • Do yoga and stretching exercises.
  • Do weight lifting and endurance exercises.
  • Try to change your lifestyle like use stairs not elevators.
  • Do aerobic exercises like running, walking, jumping and swimming.
  • Do exercises with regular intervals and to the point of sweating but don’t let you dehydrated.